Friday, November 25, 2011

Wedding Party Attire and Inspiration Boards

Hello Everyone!

This week I'm sharing my thoughts and ideas for the bridal party. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I would like the ladies to be dressed in. It's the gents that seem to be giving me a hard time. I don’t seem to know much about men’s fashion. One thing I do know for sure is that I want everyone in the party to pick out the dress/suit that they will be wearing. I want to let everyone's unique personalities shine threw. Of course, with in reason, I will have to approve the attire first.

For all the Gals, I’m going to have them select dresses that are in a slate blue to grey color. They all should be in the same material or at least close to it. The idea is to have a muted color dress with bright shoes and accessories and a vibrant bouquet. I’m thinking pink/orange/ I want them to pick out some old vintage jewelry and maybe a hair piece to finish the look.  

For the Gents, I’m thinking something similar. The suits will be grey to navy and fitted. The colors will be slightly darker than the maid dresses. I want to pair them with a brightly colored and patterned tie. But as to what color, I’m still debating. I really like the orange or yellow but I think it might not look right with the maids. Pink might be nice but I don’t think that would go over very well with the guys. It would be the same suspenders, bow tie, and fedora look- which I absolutely love. I’ll ask but I think I know what the response will be.

I'm thinking this might be what we will end up looking like. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are always welcome! :)


Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Post #2 Anna Be: Five Event

Hello Everyone,

On November 10th Anna-bé bridal salon held an amazing soiree. The event was a 1920's styled bash called Five, for their recent turning of age. The event featured a bridal showcase, prizes, h’orderves, open bar, live music, and much, much more!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fist Post & My top 3 Venues

Hello everyone! 
I finally started my blog for the wedding and will be updating once a week. I still might mess around with the layout. I feel like it’s just not there yet. Now I can share with all of those who are far away. (Yay!) I’ll mostly be sharing updates, thoughts, D.I.Y. projects and other girly things. So with out further ado, the first post...

I have visited a grand total of nine wedding venues. By now you would have thought I would have picked one. Strangely enough there are about  three or four that I would like to tour before making my decision. Here are my top 3 favorites so far... (click on the titles to see more pictures of the venues.) 

This place is really great for all inclusive weddings. However, that doesn't mean that it’s any cheaper.  After examining the price sheet I discovered this may not be as good a deal as I had thought. The price just to rent the venue is ridiculous.  Still, the grounds are beautiful with lots of photo opportunities. There's even a wedding night suite for the couple if they choose.  

Pros:  You can BYOB and if you run out you can purchase from their on site liquor store. Dj, catering, photography, tables, chairs, linens flatware and china are included. Staff seems flexible.

Cons:  You could make your buck go further. They set you up with vendors they choose for you. You only have 4 hours of event time (includes clean up and take down). You can hear the highway from the venue.

Photography: $1200.00

Disc Jockey: $600.00

Ceremony Officiate: $400.00

Flowers: $600.00

Cake: $500.00

Invites: $300.00

Wedding night suite: $200.00

Catering & service: $4000.00

Venue rental: $6200.00

Total: $14000.00

Parker Villa was voted last years best place to get married on Denver’s A list.  Like Solterra, this venue has an effortless indoor out door flow to it. The gardens are gorgeous and it has an over all Spanish feel.  Parker Villa is located in Parker CO

 Pros: There is an on site wedding coordinator and a team of girls to take care of everything. Tables, nice chairs and basic linens are included.  You have 12 hours of event time. They have discounted hotel rates with the Marriot and free shuttle service.

Cons: You must choose from their list of caterers.  You must purchase from their liquor store.  They aren't quite up front with their pricing. 

Rental Fee: $5,000.00

Other Fees: ???
Total: $5,000.00 (+)

Basically, this is a community center on crack. The venue has a very Tuscany feel to it. It features yoga, spa and infinity pool. The space is perfect for small to medium sized parties. It flows nicely between indoor and out door. It’s located in Lakewood CO, just 15 min away from down town Denver.

Pros: You can use what ever vendors you like. The location is ideal. It has potential to be cheaper.

Cons: The venue does not include tables, chairs, or linens. It’s all D.I.Y. It has potential to be expensive.

Rental Fee for 6 hours: $3,300.00
Damage Deposit Fee (refundable): $1,000.00

Moving Fee: $400.00

Cleaning Fee: $100.00

Total:     $4,800.00