Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Post #2 Anna Be: Five Event

Hello Everyone,

On November 10th Anna-bé bridal salon held an amazing soiree. The event was a 1920's styled bash called Five, for their recent turning of age. The event featured a bridal showcase, prizes, h’orderves, open bar, live music, and much, much more!

Two days before the event there was a contest on Couture Colorado, a wedding blog I follow regularly. The contest was for brides only and they were giving away a pair of tickets. I entered right away and didn’t win. However, a day later the owner contacted me with one free ticket. I was ecstatic and called up my good friend, Laura. I told her what had happened and offered to pay half of the ticket. Unfortunately, she already had plans for her mother’s birthday. Turns out that was the same for everyone else. It was just too short of notice.
Finally, I gave up and dialed Bob. With him being a guy and all I, didn’t think there was a snow balls chance he would accept. To my surprise, he did. (I love that guy so much!)I filled him in on the details and we were set to go.

The next night we arrived at Mile High Station dressed in our best attire. I had a short black cocktail dress with my nicest jewelry. My hair and makeup was done too! Bob had on my favorite of his shirts and nice jeans. Surprisingly, for guys, this is appropriate attire for a swanky event in Colorado.
After walking in and taking a glance around I quickly realized Bob was greatly out numbered by the amount of women in the room. I felt a bit of gilt at that moment. He didn’t look to pleased either. Honestly, he wasn’t the only guy there… all though, the other guys did seem to be either working or batting for the other team.
I decided it was best we headed to the bar first. He ordered a Manhattan and I ordered a chardonnay. We sat in the upper lounge area and talked for a bit while listening to a very talented girl sing the blues. It was an over all good feeling, like we had forgot about every one else and were alone. Of course we weren’t. As the evening went on more attendees had shown up and it became increasingly busy.
 After we finished our drinks I mentioned to Bob I wanted to dance so we did. Dancing wasn’t supposed to take place for another hour, so we were the only ones. I didn’t mind and apparently neither did the vocalist. I suppose it added to her performance. After the song was over we talked with her briefly and thanked her for the slow song. I got her information and learned her name was Tomara. I also learned that she and I had a very similar taste in music. Live music is a very interesting option I hadn’t considered till then.
We headed downstairs and took a quick look in the different booths event planners had put together. One booth by Cloud 9, was set up like a lounge area. It was very modern and sleek looking. They had put together elaborate lighting and draping, along with one exquisite table setting and a large binged out chandelier hanging over top.  I collected one of the cards after complementing the designer of the booth and we moved on to the next.
          Anthropologie was hosting this one.  They were showing off their BHLDN Wedding line. The tables and furniture looked rustic. There were flower arrangements, but the tables were mostly covered with trays of sweets to entice passerbies.
 Another booth was filled people watching a photo shoot take place. A model in a short slinky white dress was sitting in front of a mirror putting on red lipstick. She had blue eyes and rolling locks of golden-caramel hair that came to her shoulders, much like that of Grace Kelly. She was Gorgeous!
 The setting was with out doubt 1920’s glamour and set up like a starlet’s dressing room. The furniture was very vintage feeling and table tops were lined with flower arrangements you could smell 10ft from the booth. I absolutely loved this one. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find out who the event coordinator was.
The other booths were not quite as impressive. Some were filled with hats and feathered hair pieces. Others were just elaborate dinner seating displays. Over all it was pretty neat seeing what they had to offer. One booth even gave out pearl necklaces, which I gladly accepted and wore all night.

After Bob and I finished browsing we sat at the bar downstairs. We found this to be the best area to find the h’orderves. We sampled small plates of salmon and mash potatoes, a spoon of ceviche, and butternut squash ravioli. All were amazing but Bob and I agreed. The favorite would have to be the salmon dish. The flavors were amazing and it wasn’t something that we couldn’t cook at home.
We ordered another drink and went upstairs to brows the silent auction. The proceeds of the auction were to go to Green House Scholars. I didn’t have any money so I couldn’t bid, but it was still fun to look. Many of the vendors made contributions of their services. There were makeup lessons, cooking classes, and even a videography shoots to bid on. If I had the money, I personally would have place a bid on the private boudoir session or wedding day beauty package. I noticed most of the bids were above the actual value and guessed it was because the auction was for a good cause.
A woman called everyone’s attention to the center stage. (The upper level of mile high station is set up like a cat walk so you can see the stage below.) I assumed she was one of the workers at Anna-bé. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying over the crowed. When she finished talking she left and was replaced by 10 other woman dressed in some very flashy and revealing clothing. The song Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend came on and they broke in to dance. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was a burlesque! The entire show lasted about 5 minuets or so. We all clapped and cheered wanting more. Well, I don’t know about anyone else but it sure did leave me wanting more.

Not too long after that the dance floor was open for business.  And of course, just like most parties, people were slow to get started. There were a few girls doing the two-step but still holding their drinks and talking to each other. The band was Soul School and their music was the cat’s meow! Bob and I hoped on the dance floor got our groove on. How could people resist? Anyway, we must not have been too bad because we had three photographers (who didn’t know personal boundaries) come up and take pictures. 
It was probably just in my head, but I think some of the brides were a bit envious. Maybe it was because they brought their friends instead of their fiancé, or maybe because their fiancé wouldn’t come. It could have even been that Bob was just so darn good looking… but I couldn’t tell him that or his ego would explode. I don’t know what it was but I did get that feeling. I also admit it felt kind of good. That’s bad, right?
The other alternative could have been that we were dancing so bad that they were embarrassed for us. (Ha, ha!)

  By the third song people started joining in and the party had started.  A woman tapped me on the shoulder and asked if we were engaged. I replied with a “yes” and a slight nod. (It was very noisy.) She gave me a card and told me that she was an event planner. She said that she would love to plan for us and hoped that we would give her a call.
I guess Bob must have call Anthony because he showed up not too long after that. We were going to go to McCormick’s Fish House for their amazing happy hour. However, after he arrived and evaluated the situation he turned to Bob and asked “Why do you want to leave? This is great.”  And it was.
We ended up dancing until the worker from Anna-bé popped up on stage again. It was time for end of the night festivities.  Anthony, Bob, and I decided to take out leave and headed over to McCormick’s. The night ended with good friends and fish tacos. How could it have gotten any better?



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