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About Jenna

Growing up, Jenna spent most of her summers at her Grandmother's house playing in the woods.  She and the other kids had many exciting adventures together.  This led to her creativity and over-active imagination, which she expresses through her drawings and paintings. Over the years she's had less time to draw, although every once in a while she is still able to find time to create something new. Now-a-days, she spends most of her time helping others, finding joy in small everyday things. Her hobbies include watching 8 Mile with her fiance, rock climbing and the occasional Bikram Yoga class. 

About Bob

Bob has a strong personality, to say the least. He is very polarizing: you either love him or hate him. He is very strong-willed, and not afraid to speak his mind. His favorite activities include rock climbing, cycling, card games, and tennis. 

Our Story

How we met

Jenna was beginning to take an interest in rock climbing, while Bob was honing his expert skills in the sport. They met at their favorite gym through a mutual friend. After many awkward exchanges, they finally decided to "hang out" outside of the gym. An amazing date later, and seeing him without a shirt, Jenna couldn't resist but ask him out again. The rest, as we say, is history...

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